Monday, February 27, 2012

Drifting a p a r t.

When friendships go on a diverging path...
There comes a point in some friendships were it's too broken to fix. This is coming from past experiences and just what I've come to realize. Facebook is probably not the best indication of friendships, but I've seen a lot of inseparable best friends become the worst of enemies through this social network.
You think after high school the childish fighting should stop, it usually does, but in some cases bitches stay bitches. It's so weird looking back and wondering how so many of my really close friends became strangers. There obviously comes a time where people change and many times this draws a wedge between weak friendships. You know someone is meant to be in your life when they stick around through everything. 

Recently, I have had a falling out with a friend. 
One of the most awkward situations is not talking to one of your best friends for like 6 months and then all of a sudden trying to make everything go back to normal.  Where do you even began? How do you just forget everything that happened before and just start again? It's very common for this to happen but it seems to me that if it happened in the first place this friendship isn't as solid as I thought. Everyone and every friend is different, I know that but I know for a fact that with some of my other friends this could never happen. Who are we kidding, we couldn't last a few days let alone 6 months without speaking to each other! 

Getting older I came to terms with a few things about friendships
1. If they are supposed to be in your life, they will.
2. If they make no effort to be in your life, forget them.
3. If they there interests are for themselves only, drop them.
4. Forgiving and forgetting is easier said then done. 
5. People mess up, if they are truly apologetic, forgive them.   

Drifting apart happens. Always remember though if a friendship is important to you, make an effort, it is not a one way street.

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