Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loving YOU.

Love will come when it comes. Many times us girls tend to create this absolute insane thought in our head that we are going to be alone forever just because we are single right now. This is very wrong and probably not healthy in more than a few ways. First off ladies you need to know something, in order to be in a loving relationship, you must love yourself equally. This does not mean to always put your needs before his or to care only about yourself. Some people may not realize this but the relationship you have with yourself is above all, the most important relationship you need to work on. How can you be happy with someone else, when your not happy with yourself. You know this rule about your inner relationship does not only apply in love but in life as well. It is important to have that ability even through the toughest times to mentally help yourself. 

1. To the ladies who need attention ALL the time.
The fact that you crave compliments and do things purposely for a reaction from others is not a promising way of working on your inner relationship. If you actually think others compliments will eventually mirror your own thoughts about yourself, you are completely wrong. You are tarnishing your relationship with yourself because any positive things you think about yourself have become on the standards of others. If you can't give yourself the attention you deserve you shouldn't be getting it from anyone else.

2. To the ladies who can't be alone. 
Do not go back to the man who treated you like scum because you can not be alone. Why does he deserve 3rd and 4th chances? Because you cant stand being by yourself? This is no excuse. If you are in this position, you inner relationship is on a severe spiral.You are essentially causing more damage to yourself because it is only going to get worse between you guys. Get a hold of yourself, realize he is not the only one out there. There is someone who isn't going to need to use those 2nd and 3rd chances because he won't mess up the first time. With you staying with someone who isn't good for you, you are missing other opportunities. Realize your worth and get out!

3. To the ladies who don't demand respect.
You are a women. If anyone treats you in a disrespectful manner, they do not deserve your attention nor your feelings. If a man does not treat you like an equal, puts you on a pedestal, or worships the ground you walk on he is not worth it. This does not mean he should be your dog, but in a realtionship you are just as important as the other person. If there ever comes a time when the respect begins to decline, you need to quickly deal with the matter before it becomes too late. Demand the respect you deserve.  

4. To the ladies who have had demeaning relationships in the past.
Your past does not define who you are. If you have been in abusive or disrespectful relationships before, you have taken the first step of working on your own relationship because you realized what it is you don't deserve. Now this is the time where you understand what you do deserve. Do not get into another relationship with a person you see the same patterns with. At the end nothing has changed just substituted.   

5. To the ladies who don't think they are beautiful. 
Not even the most beautiful girl in the world wakes up feeling like the most beautiful girl in the world. It is very normal to feel down sometimes but to hate what you look like all the time is not okay. God made you who you are for a reason, and no matter what anyone says, it is you who needs to realize your true beauty. The way you view yourself is your reflection on life. Tell yourself everyday that no matter what they say, you are beautiful in every single way.  

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