Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Come Back

Hey there! It's been quite some time huh? 
Well, I'm back and after the past year I've had, I've got plenty of writing material; So no worries, I'm not going anywhere. After one of the most glorious experiences in my life, spending the last year living in Los Angeles, there is a lot I've learned. A lot of things have changed. The way I view myself, others and life itself have veered into different directions then where they use to lead. 

Before I moved to LA I was constantly surrounded by my boyfriend, friends, or family. The only time I really had by myself was probably the commute to school twice a week. So you can understand when I first moved to the west coast, I felt quite alone. Well I can absolutely convey that the more your with yourself, the more you learn who you really are. I became to appreciate my loneliness, because sometimes you must endure.  Having that time with yourself is probably one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Yea it's awesome being around people, don't get me wrong, but that relationship you build with yourself and your thoughts can be pretty powerful. My therapy for anything was hiking. It was such an amazing outlet for me to reflect on myself, a sort of meditation, that I truly do miss!

I'll tell you the person I am today has been greatly altered by the amazing people I've interacted with recently.I had this bad habit beforehand judging people before I got to actually know them(guilty). Well to my pleasant surprise I really began to appreciate people more for having different views on life or helping me see things differently. Sometimes when you surround yourself with people so similar to you, your also inhibiting yourself from growth. It's such a beautiful thing to hear where other people came from and the stories they have lived. A little before moving I was really worried I wouldn't find genuine people, but the friendships I've made have definitely proven otherwise. These incredible individuals have forever changed my life and touched my heart.

Life: this weird, beautiful, interesting, chaotic, and scary adventure we are all on. Some days are great, some are hard, but all are a blessing.

Xx- G 

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