Monday, January 21, 2013

Stepping Stones

There are no blueprints in relationships. Each relationship is made up of it's very own unique and intricate characteristics; therefore the next step in every relationship all depends on the preference of the couple. In today's society people tend to put timelines or ticking time bombs on important steps such as; saying ILY, meeting the parents, moving in together, getting engaged, and even getting married. Well hey Society, I have a message for you, the only people who should have an input on these important milestones or big steps are the couple themselves. Many couples feel pressured into things they aren't ready for and it all ends in tragedy. Some people just don't want to get married and that's okay, everyone has different ideas of what being in a committed relationship means. Different strokes for different folks. 

Long Distance
Long distance isn't the next step, it is where the road breaks into two and you need to decide what direction your relationship is going. In life, things always change or spring upon us and we have to do what is best for us. After 4 and half years of dating me and my boyfriend were faced with the big decision. I was moving to Los Angeles and we had to make a choice. According to society, "Long distance relationships never work", but I'm glad to announce that in a month and half we are celebrating our 6 year anniversary. Although there is no sugar coating this situation, because truthfully it sucks. For anyone who is facing this decision I believe there is only one question to answer: Do you see this person in your distant future? For me, it was always absolutely yes. We have something I knew was so different then anything I've ever seen or heard of. Trust was always one of our strongest bonds, which helped play the most important role in our success. 

The Facts

  • There are times when you feel so disconnected with your other half in away you never thought could exist. 
  • It is easier if you know the duration of your separation because you know that this will eventually end. 
  • The last few months are the toughest because both individuals become frustrated and feel like the time they will see each other again has been stretched far too thin. 
  • If you don't make an effort things will not get better.
  • Trust is the only thing you can depend on, if it's not there it is going to be a treturous ride.
  • Don't let distance keep things less interesting. 
  • If you feel like you have grown too far apart, you probably have. 

Never be afraid of the changes in relationships, they can be beautiful things. Do what you want to do because at the end of the day you are the only one dealing with consequences. 

Sending everyone love 
-XX G 

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