Friday, February 22, 2013


Truth is, our fears control us. The greatest barrier between us and the goals we set for ourselves is always fear. Without question there has been a point in our lives were we had a chance to strive forward but fear rudely interrupted. Unfourtnately fear comes in all shapes and sizes, colors and forms. We have two choices here when it comes to this, embrace it or let it overbear Us. For me change has always been a fear, and it varied from a small scale to a very vast scale. Recently I realized it wasn't the change I feared it was what came after I was worried about. I became so wrapped up in the idea at times that I would have to convince myself it wasn't constantly happening all around me. It was one day I saw the kind of person I was becoming and the things I was learning  after the changes were happening and it was clear to me this was nothing I should let hold me back. Change became a beautiful thing. 

For others, fear of being alone has always been a problematic phobia. When this plague hits it is disastrous. Your inner you is not embracing the loneliness. It is shedding an unattractive light on something that should constantly be appreciated. Being alone doesn't only mean not having a signaficant other, it's about not having an idea of oneself. 

It is understandable that some things are easier said than done, but only once done can one say. For young women today leaving their comfortable environment has drastically effected their choices. The only way for this fear to be faced let alone overcomed is only by trial and error. 

Some fears have stemmed from a greater root, but should never hold you back from the greatest form of yourself. As they say you only live once, but once is all you need if you do it right. Let go of those fears, and fear less. 

-xX G


  1. Well said G. You are so right !

  2. very inspirational , it definitely is easier said then done .