Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dream BIG

Do you know the only thing that keeps us from greatness is ourselves. Our fears and insecurities can have a huge impact on the goals we set for ourselves. I have recently realized that we put limitations on the things we can achieve because sometimes we don't have confidence in ourselves to pull through. I have a few people in my life who really inspire me. These people have drive and are eager to reach their dreams! 

    A few weeks ago I had a friend visiting from NYC and as we were talking about our future she tells me, "Im going to take over the world Germaine". Just by the strength in her words alone I believed her. She had the idea, the experience, the knowledge, and the goal to get there.

    About 4 years ago when I first started at FAU I met this amazing individual, we were both business majors on the path to pursuing accounting. Until this day I have no idea why we chose that as our career path, we are such creative people who would not be able to sit behind a desk from 9-5. So one day during our freshman year I was bitten by inspiration. After one conversation with my boyfriends sister I decided there were some things I really loved to do and accounting wasn't one of them. Money was no longer my main motive. As I explained to my friend my new found outlook on life she got inspired too. We went that month and really tried to figure out what was best for us individually and it happened to be the same thing. Acting and entertainment(and twilight, of course) were a couple of our passions. By that time I had already set up a date for when I was going to start my journey to California, but in the mean time I decided to change my major to multimedia journalism. After my sophomore year I moved to LA and I still kept in touch with my friend. She was doing a few internships at a time and had a huge internship coming up with a major magazine in NYC. It was so rewarding for me to see that she found her calling and was doing big things! As I resumed school this Fall we started talking about all of our experiences that past year and where we were headed. I could tell that her horizons have just expanded and to me that is everything. 

Do what inspires you. Whether it's going to college directly after high school or taking some time off, it is important to do something you really love. These years are our prime. Its all about taking chances and doing things that can help us enrich our future. The world is at your finger tips it's your choice if you want to grab it.

Love Always