Thursday, May 9, 2013

Current Transitions

Transition- the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another. 

Our life is constantly evolving and we are faced with different sorts of transitions. Some seem forced and others just come voluntarily with time. From graduating college, to getting married or even moving across the world, we are faced with the obstacle of adjustment. I believe that every transition needs to be considered and dealt with carefully. 

The Build Up
A little more than a month ago, me and my boyfriend took the next step in our relationship, and got a place together. When I first moved back to FL from Cali I knew there were a few transitions I needed to fully overcome before we did that. The first hurdle I needed to jump over was the transition in my relationship. It was so exciting to finally be living in the same state, let alone the same city and on the same street. We needed to get back into the groove of things. What really helped was the cross country road trip we embarked on to move all my precious cargo back!  It gave us that time to reconnect before jumping back into the reality that was in Florida. After that, I knew starting school again was the next transition. After taking a year off, you realize it is a lot harder to just start again being in a different mindset. Once I started the semester, I was finally taking classes that had to do with Multimedia Journalism, so school didn't seem as bad as it was when I left. Income was my next concern and looking for a new job became another transition. The light at the end of the long tunnel of job hunting finally came after 2 and half months of being unemployed. It seemed that everything was finally feeling normal. The hunt for our new home became the next priority. It was super important for me not to just rush this transition because we both needed to be ready mentally and financially. I didn't want to sacrifice anything due to being impatient.  I wanted us to find a place we loved coming to every night and a place we wanted to call home. Finally after an exhausting search for the perfect place, we found our home!  Through financial calculations we decided April would be the best time to schedule a move in date. 

My Current Transition 
Furniture shopping aggression really tells you something about a person. He probably should have ran then but luckily he sticked around for move in date. It has been a little over a month and I'm glad to report we haven't killed each other yet. It has actually been a really exciting time for us. People constantly told me that even though I spent the night at his house every night prior to our cohabitation, it would be different once we lived together. Those people were correct, you really do get to know every little thing about one another. I think that the first month may be the hardest for couples to adjust to. During this time we had to mesh our habits and regularities into something that would be comfortable for both of us. It's really been all about the three C's; Communication, Compromise, and Compassion. I am really looking forward to fully enjoying this transition most and not rushing anything beyond it. 

My dearest apologies for my neglection of my blog. Now that I'm settled in, I promise to post a lot more! 
Lots of love, 

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