Monday, October 14, 2013

Finding the Balance

Someone call child protective services, I have abandoned my baby. Sorry to all my TOBF readers for not lacing your life with some current posts. To be completely honest I just thoroughly enjoyed my summer vacation and now am transitioning back to school.

Today though, I was at an internship workshop and I started thinking about what my next semester was going to look like and I started to PANIC. Today for instance, I went to school for three hours, managed to get a workout in, hung out with a few girlfriends and cooked dinner. As I sit on my balcony now sipping a glass of Kim Crawford (enjoying this gorgeous Miami weather), I realized this does not occur often. Through school, my job, my boyfriend, family, friends, and my attempt to have a social life, theres a lot going on and I don't have that much time to do everything I want. I think balancing it all has probably been the only thing keeping me sane. There, creeps the thought that I'll actually have to add one more thing, an internship, to my obviously full plate next semester. Honestly, I'm 22, this is the age where we should be investing in ourselves. Balance is something we need to get a hold of or your vulnerable to lose yourself. Yes, life gets hectic. Sometimes we put to much on ourselves to accomplish or sometimes we don't give ourselves much of a challenge. It's about controlling all of the things you do and always finding the time for yourself.

I've had this continuous itch to travel. I literally look at Groupon travel like everyday. It's kind of a problem. A friend at work told me about her goal to travel 30 countries before she's 30, and I totally adopted the motto. I'm planning to indulge in a serious traveling adventure as soon as a graduate to celebrate all my hard work. I think it is really important to set goals for yourself, because then the mayhem has a purpose. I know that someday I'll have the job I dream of and everything will be worth it. I try to make time for everything but it gets really tough.

Whether your trying to balance the same things as me or your priorities are completely different, don't forget yourself in the equation. Sometimes it's easy to get yourself wrapped in making everyone else happy but at the end of the day, you are who matters most. Don't consume yourself in just one thing because I am convinced it is not good for your health. Plan a trip, do a girls night, go on a date, do something for the first time, reward yourself, and somehow the balance will adjust itself.



  1. exactly when i needed it!! Balance is the word! once we order our day we find time for everything! I love you G
    and Iam so proud to have a friend like you<3

    1. Thank you so much! Thank your for reading and supporting my blog! I love you so much