Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Okay, okay I'm back! Sorry for the selfish intermission but it had to happen. I believe you should never stop doing something you love. Writing has always been my escape and has always helped me get through certain situations. During these past two months I took a break from writing on here but I did not stop writing. Relationships and empowering people have always been two of my favorite things to write about but at this point of my life, I needed to do a little soul searching before I could be completely open and honest with my situation. Throughout the interim I kept myself very busy with my internship and it was there where I continued to write. Since I’m interning at MIAMI magazine everything I’ve been writing about has been about the magic city. Here are some of the links to my featured articles for your reading pleasure:

I have so many stories, experiences, and exciting news to share with everyone, but I’d rather keep you on your toes.

Stay tuned.

Xx G 

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