Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Perks of Being fUnemployed

While walking across that stage and shaking the hand of the President of the university you attended, he/she will look at you and say, “Congratulations”. You’ll feel that flutter in the pit of your stomach, knowing now you have the power to take on the world. You’ll quit your serving job, because you’re obviously way above that now that you’re degree educated and your job search will begin. At first you’ll think, “I got this, I’ll get a stellar job within a month”, then about two months later when you're home still in your pajamas at 4 p.m., you’ll quickly realize that unemployment is a scary bitch.

Now, I wouldn’t consider myself completely unemployed. I tread between the line of with job and jobless due to my ongoing contribution for MIAMI magazine. But since this job can be done from home and only takes a few hours out of the ample amount of free time I have during the week, I consider myself partially unemployed but still looking. While I am applying for 1-2 jobs per day, I came to terms with my situation and I am finally allowing myself to thoroughly enjoy this time. Why be hard on myself? My body might still be in shock, since it no longer has to balance a full time school schedule, a part time internship and a 25-hour workweek. I’m a firm believer that the right job is out there. Landing it just might take some time. So while I wait on those interviews to commence, I’m going to relish in what I like to call, FUNemployement. Here is how you can too.

Go on vacation
Just like a paycheck, the fear of unapproved time off vanishes. Permission to go on a vaykay is no longer needed. If you see a fabulous deal for Chicago on Orbitz that includes a flight and 3-night stay at a gorgeous hotel in the swanky River North area for under $300, you go ahead and book it. I sure did. Whether finances allow or not, take a vacation. You’ll never again have this much time on your hands. Go out and travel!

Enjoy the outdoors
This perk may only apply to the unemployed sector living in the sunnier parts of the world. Unlike the Northeast, which is currently in recovery from the snowpocalypse, this is the best time of year to enjoy the outdoors in South Florida. You can actually spend more than five minutes outside without passing out from the humidity. Also, mid day beach runs happen to be more enjoyable when majority of the population is working.

Learn a new hobby
Honing in on something you love and becoming good at it can be similar to the satisfaction you crave while finding the right job. Whether it's cooking, crocheting or playing the guitar, learning how to do something new can even lead you to broadening you career options. Thanks to my hiatus, I am basically an Iron Chef.

Spend time with others who are also unemployed
One is certainly the loneliest number. Find others who are in your same predicament and spend time together. There is no need to suffer alone.

Disclaimer: Do not quit your job, due to the way unemployment has been perceived in this post. 

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