Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey there! How are all those NY resolutions going so far? It's okay I already know the answer. 

The Hallmark holiday of the year is approaching and it is literally shoved in our faces from the grocery store to the massive display at (my fav)Target. Either your super excited for Feb 14th or absolutely dreading it, either way I have a couple of fun ideas on what you could do. 

Single :  Just because you don't have a significant other does NOT mean you are alone. I mean haven't you heard Kelly Clarkson (What Doesn't Kill You) lately? Ha. No but seriously do not sweat it if you are single, all you gotta do is get a couple of girls over, pop open a bottle of pinot and have a cute dinner. Not that you should wait until Valentine's Day to have a getty but it's a good excuse. I have plenty of yummy recipes so if needed you can always ask. Girlfriends are the best to spend the "day of love" together, because lets be honest where would we be without them?

WARNING: If you are single do not read on, it might make you vom. 

Taken : Everyone obviously always says you don't need to have a specific day to show your love and appreciation to each other, but who cares what everyone else says, its fun! Restaurants on V-day are quite obnoxious! With wait times varying from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, without reservations it isn't fun for anyone. Time to get creative and think about something else you can do. Its not always the guys job to be romantic sometimes us girls need to wow them too. Get some bubbly, make some bubbles and spend some time appreciating each other with a nice hot bath. Candles and some music might be so cheese but what do you have to lose.

Although 3 weeks away I will gladly aid those who need help with special plans for their V_day! MSG me , Tweet me or simply leave a comment 

XX - T

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