Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lets Talk About S-E-X

This ladies is a very important blog post so please, read on! 

We all know how amazing sex is, when it's done right of course. We all have had years of boring sex ed classes, but still some of us just don't get it. I want to make one thing clear, this is not a lecture. I have heard time and time again that girls have had unprotected sex and it honestly makes me so angry! I know that most of the time your are so in the moment and the feeling without condoms is so much better, but did all those disturbing images and consequences shown in sex ed not scare you enough? 

Let us get some things straight...
Are you in a monogamous relationship?
If the answer is no, you stop for a quick second and just tell him to wrap it up. 
You don't know who he has been with, who his other partners have been with so why are you making your chances of being a statistic so vulnerable? I promise you those 30 min of unprotected sex was NOT worth living with an STD. Luckily there are some STDs that can be cured, but why take your chances. Use Condoms Kids.

Now for those who are in a relationship and the sex ain't all that and a bag of chips, here is what you can do. 
If your in a relationship and your having sex you should be semi comfortable with the other person(one would hope) and if your not liking something or wanting more or a certain move, say something. Yes, sometimes it can be very awkward and you don't want to offend the other person so you just don't say anything at all. I'm sorry but that doesn't seem fair! Believe me, he wants to please you so if you tell him you like something, that'll make him more confident. Back tracking to condoms, just because you are in relationship doesn't mean you should be playing sans protection either. Getting tested is always important so check yourself out and your man should too. Although BC is great prevention in the baby department it does absolutely nothing against STDs, but at least your doing something right! 

The most important thing I want you to get from this is that you, the woman, are in control.

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