Thursday, March 13, 2014

London: The home of the Royals, Harrods and Pimms Cup

London has to be my new favorite city. Besides the fact that the day we went had to be the unluckiest day ever. Lets just begin with me, my bf and his sis getting to the train station an hour early for our 9 a.m. train, and then realizing we forgot our passports at home. So with Paris's killer traffic it took us about another hour and half to get back home grab the passports and be back before 11 a.m. for the next train. Then before getting on the train and going through British customs we had the worst experience with the officer because I accidentally put student as my boyfriends occupation. Like seriously homeboy it is not that serious. That led us to missing yet another train and we had to take the 12:30 one instead. So already our day in London was cut short and we were already exhausted. As soon as we got to London-town we jumped in a black cab and headed to the motherland, Harrods.

For those unaware of Harrods and all its glory, go google it, like now. Anyway it was literally love at first sight. I mean Harry Winston, Chanel, Balmain and everything else you can possible dream of, all under one roof? It is seriously like dying and waking up in fashion heaven. After taking it all in we realized how hungry we were and with the overwhelming options of 28 eateries throughout the seven stories we decided to decline those and find a restaurant closer to the London Eye.  We ended up at ALL One Bar , which was centrally located near the tourist attractions and where I had an authentic English Pimms Cup (fav cocktail ever)!

Our extremely friendly cab driver recommended we check out the London Dungeon and we obviously trusted his judgment. He seemed like a trustworthy fellow. Uh in conclusion next time your in London for less then 8 hours, DO NOT spend 2 hours of your life at the London Dungeon, not worth it. Next we headed to the London Eye which gives you 360 degree views of London. 


After finally making it back down, 30 minutes later, we headed to the spectacular Big Ben. Seriously, it is so beautiful up close and personal.

Buckingham Palace was next on our list and on our way we obviously had to take a picture in a phone booth, or how else could we really prove we were in London. 

So you know how when you get to Buckingham Palace and everyone (I) seems to think that their are guards standing outside for the perfect photo op? Yea, well they aren't. They are behind the gates where they are way to far to even take a picture of. But the queen was on her way in so that was kind of awesome. 

We then headed to Oxford Circus for some shopping. We casually headed to the train station at about 8:30 p.m. Somehow we once again managed to miss another train. This time though it was the last train of the day and the next train back to Paris was only at 5 a.m. You can not even begin to understand our aggravation. We roamed the train station trying to think of solutions. We had no clothes, no hotel reservations, and were absolutely exhausted. After grabbing a bite to eat we finally headed to look for hotels. Everywhere happened to be fully booked that night, and I don't want to even discuss some of the hotel rooms we saw before we finally found a Hilton.  We slept for a few hours and luckily when we got to the station in the morning they changed our tickets and we got right on the train. 

Even through all of the mishaps it was actually one of my favorite days on our trip. London is so charming and the people there are so sweet. Next time I will be spending at least a few days there so that I can eat at all the awesome restaurants and see other things that we missed out on. 

Long live the Queen.


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