Monday, March 3, 2014

Nice is Just a Place in France

Bonjour readers!
Currently I am enjoying my European vaycay, but couldn't stay away from The Other Best Friend for too long.  En route to Paris I read this entertaining  book called  Nice is Just a Place in France by The Betches. I think it's a sheer necessity for every girl to read this book. I'm not condoning all of the behavior in this book but it is hilarious! It teaches a girl how to talk, party, look and act like a betch. "How to Win At Basically Everything" is the books catch phrase and it's written by the creators of Betches Love This. Check out their website and buy the book you won't regret it.

Au revoir future Betches full posts from my Paris, London and Amsterdam adventures will be posted as soon as I make it onto U.S of A soil.


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  1. Hope you are 'winning at basically everything' on your far far away vaycay! Have heard too much about this book to ignore its mysterious bundle of pages any longer. I shall seek it out. Safe return home.

    A :)