Friday, March 14, 2014

Amsterdam: Where the Tulips bloom and Heineken is brewed.

Only a three and half hour train ride from Paris yet Amsterdam seems like a completely different world. We left for Amsterdam early Saturday morning and arrived to the bustling city in the afternoon. I'm not sure if it was the gorge sunny weather or the day of the week but there were people everywhere. Our taxi driver took us straight to our hotel Notting Hill, which is highly recommended. We arrived to the sweetest welcome letter, because after all we were celebrating our 7 year anniversary!

After getting situated with our stuff we went to eat at a restaurant near by called, Bar Lempicka, and were blown away by the food. This seemed to be a reoccurring occurrence during our visit in Amsterdam, because literally every restaurant we went to was better then the last. We then headed to the Heineken brewery and took the tour. Anyone who comes to this city must go to the brewery, once you finish seeing how they make the beer, you drink it and then it turns into a full on party.


After filling up with some hops we headed to Dam Square to check out some coffeeshops (when in rome). We then experienced Amsterdam they way it should be experienced and walked around to get a feel for the beautiful city. 

Later that night we checked out the Red Light District, which was an experience within itself. We ate dinner at the super cool CAU, and walked around endlessly through the streets of Amsterdam ending up at Rembrandt Square to check out the nightlife. The next morning we ate breakfast around museum square and went to the Van Gogh museum. I can't say that I would exactly recommend going to this museum, after all the if I wanted to see the Starry Night, it's located in NYC. We roamed around that area which was surrounded with parks and people sprawled out on the grass fields.

Bikes in Amsterdam are as common as the scent of cannabis tulips and it is one of the main means of transportation in the small city.  Those bikers have no remorse for pedestrians. We wanted to rent the bikes for the afternoon but realized we did't have that much time left. We strolled through the fashion district and headed to dinner and experienced Amsterdam one last time before going to the train station

Everyone needs to visit Amsterdam at least once during their lifetime.  If not for their divulgences such as prostitution and legal drugs then for their outstanding cheese. 



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