Friday, May 9, 2014

Triple A: Insurance Policy for Realtionships

All relationships need roadside assistance. I've finally figured out the three tools every relationship needs when it is having trouble. Even the perfect relationship needs some TLC sometimes. This is when the triple A's work their magic and don't get it twisted, this needs to be practiced from both sides of the relaysh. There is a certain time where everyone wants to be appreciated, get an apology, or for our significant other to be more affectionate.  

1. Appreciate- A little appreciation goes along way. People naturally want to feel appreciated, whether they did something big or small. It is so important to make the person you're with feel good about themselves and appreciate all the things they do for you on a daily basis. I'm in no way proclaiming that you must say thank you for every little thing, but sometimes take a moment and realize all the things your s.o. does for you and show them how much you appreciate them. 

2. Apologize- Contrary to One Republic, It's never to late to apologize. I don't mean like a plain old "I'm sorry". I mean like a seriously sincere apology for something you did wrong. There is nothing I hate more than an apology to shut me up. If you do something wrong, you should grow a pair and own up to it. Anything that even slightly hurts your other half's feelings deserves a full fledge apology. I'm sorry I'm not sorry, but sincere apologies and admitting your wrong are super important in a successful realtionship! Make up and make love. 

3. Affection- With true love comes affection and one cannot survive without the other. With emotional love comes the physical romantic love. There is a time and place to show affection, and sometimes after a fight that is  the only thing your other half needs. After you've apologized it is important to literally hug it out. Sometimes even after arguments are over and laid to rest, emotions are still bruised. The reassurance of affection helps the mending process go faster.   


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