Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Summer Internship: MIAMI Magazine

You know that feeling you get when you try on a shoe and it's the perfect fit, thats how I felt when finding this MIAMI magazine editorial internship. The search for the perfect internship was not an easy one. I'm not the kind of girl who just settles. When I want something I am very persistent.  I was determined to intern at a major publication in the Miami area. I had applied for OceanDrive and Deco Drive and I never heard anything back. I felt like I did everything possible for a shot at an interview with those two, yet somehow they never got back to me. I wasn't ready to give up yet. My mother, who works at a high-end salon, pimps me out, like every other mother should do. A regular client of the salon works for MIAMI and my mom mentioned to him that I was pursuing a journalism degree. After chatting with him he put me in contact with someone else who essentially set up an interview with me.
Last Monday my interview was at 11:30 a.m. and I got to the office a bit early. It's nestled in the chicest area of Miami, the design district. I get to say good morning to Sir Christian Louboutin and Prada every day. The interview went very well and I was told I would hear back from them in about a day or two. After three days passed, I was concerned but refused to let this slip through my fingers. I was excited about this opportunity and felt that I would learn so much from this experience. I then emailed my interviewer saying how excited I was to be considered for the internship. Finally after a week that seemed to go by excruciatingly slow, I got the good news via email. It gave me the boost I needed, this is what I want to do in life. Even though I am starting from the very bottom of the food chain, I'll be getting real hands on experience. Once again I am so fortunate to be getting this opportunity and I will be constantly posting about my experiences through out the internship!


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