Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fave Five: Girls Night Out Ideas

Your relationships with your gals are some of the most important relationships in your life. Just like anything else, in relationships, you have to put in work. Put time aside and get your friends together because sometimes the only thing we really need is some girl time! Heres a few of my favorite ideas. 

1. Karaoke Night:
Everyone is Britney Spears once some vino is involved. Today with YouTube and lyric videos you don't need much to create a karaoke machine a.k.a connect an  iPad to your T.V and viola! It doesn't matter that you don't have a voice like Christina Aguilera, you should feel comfortable enough to belt out some tunes with your closest ladies. 

2. Wine Potluck under $10:
Of course great wines are usually expensive, but sometimes you can find good wines for under $10. The best way to find out your favorites is to tell all your girlfriends to each bring a bottle of wine and you try them all together. Slice wedges of Manchego, Gruyere and Brie, get some fresh French baguette, slice green apples, some jalapeƱo mango jelly and you're good to go in the food department. If you want to know more about a new wine you like check out one of my fav apps Vivino.  If you're feeling fancy you can even up the budget to $15 and under. 

3. Bowling:
Not your average bowling ally though, because those can get grimy. I'm talking about Lucky Strike kinda bowling. There is quality drinks and food that doesn't include bud light and some greasy mozzarella sticks, gross. They have locations all around the U.S. and are an all around good time.

4. Painting Fiesta:
There is nothing I love more then a creative outlet mixed with wine. A few months back when my sister was in town from Cali, we bought a Groupon for a night of painting that included chips and salsa and was BYOB optional. We ended up having such a good time and I didn't understand why it took me so long to find this place. We went to a cute little studio called A Panting Fiesta, but there are so many others to choose from in the South Florida area. Just put in painting in the search of Groupon for a discounted rate. 

5. Bubbles and Mud masks:
I don't know about you but I love face masks, champagne, and girls night, so the combo of all three is my favorite. I can spend hours at Bath and Body Works, I am obsessed with everything from body scrubs to bath salts. I have quite another obsession with sharing products I love with my friends, whether it's a new find from Birchbox or B&BW. Pop a bottle of champs and layer on the face mask and enjoy your gals company. 

Disclosure: I am not an alcoholic. But sometimes doing things with your friends becomes a little more entertaining when booze is involved. 

Xx G   

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