Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Leave the Boys Behind and Make Room for the Men

Ladies it is time to let go of the boys who play games. If you're spending so much of your time with a boy who isn't serious about you, you're wasting the time that could be spent meeting a real man. If you're looking for something casual then that's okay play on, but for the ladies complaining that the guy they're with isn't serious enough, your issues are only going to get worse. You can't turn a boy into a man, that's something that comes from within and trust you can't rush that process. I read this article 13 Ways You Know You're Dating a Grown-Ass Man and had to share it with my lady friends who are confused about the definition of a Man. I decided to make my own list that puts a little twist on the articles current list. 

1. He supports your dreams and goals. He never will tell you that your not capable of  doing something. 

2. He trusts you. He doesn't need to look over your phone and see who your talking to. If you wanted to see his phone for any reason, he has nothing to hide and hands it to you. 

3. He has his shit together. He has goals and aspirations and is working towards them. 

4. You are not his only interest. He has friends and does other things other than fulfill your every need and encourages you to do the same.   

5. He doesn't play games. He is straightforward with his feelings and doesn't ignore you like a child would. 

6. He is close with his family and respects yours. It says a lot about a man who doesn't care to have good relationships with his family, let alone yours.

7.  He introduces you to people and makes it known that you are his. There is no confusion on where your relationship stands because you've already discussed it. 



  1. good article ! and def some good points that many of us should take into consideration

  2. Thank you! And thanks for reading :)